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Scottish Daily

Scottish Daily was founded on the notion that the first and foremost thing that sets Scottish Football apart from the rest of world is the supporters that always go the extra mile to make the game ever so special in our Country.

The biweekly pilgrimage to the team’s stadium is a deep-rooted and long-held tradition in Scotland. Probably why our top tier has regularly held the title as the best-attended league in Europe per capita.

Stemming from this inherent and cohesive relation between a supporter and the club is our wee bit website dedicated to the people and the game of football in Scotland. Striving to bring to you the good, the bad and the comical in your daily dose of Scottish football and all its madness.

We believe that every Scottish fan in the country or the world that goes to the stadium or watches from his television has an opinion that is worth being voiced and what we at Scottish Daily stand for. If you are a football fan that follows the Scottish Premiership and have something to say to us and our readers, drop us a line here and we’d be happy to have you onboard.

“To the Scots, football is a lovely, incurable disease”

– Tommy Docherty

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